° To EXPERIENCE God during our services in a way that transforms us into His image.

° To EMPOWER and equip people so they can reach their God appointed destiny through the knowledge of God's Word.

° To Activate the church into a supernatural mindset that will serve and IMPACT the community, and reach people "ACROSS THE STREET & ACROSS THE OCEAN".



° Scripture: The Word of God is truth. We value giving every person the opportunity to become a student of the Word.

° Missions/Evangelism: We want to impact our community and the world with the life-changing Gospel of Christ.

° God's Presence: We teach ways to cultivate, discern and experience God's presence.

° People: We value people and encourage authentic relationships.

° Relationships: We should not do life alone. We promote small groups as an environment for connections, relationships, and spiritual growth.

° Families: We focus on building strong families and marriages.

° Children: We love kids and believe they need to experience God in a way that they can understand Him.

° Youth: We equip our students to love Jesus, live in community, and to impact their world.

° Leadership: Our aim is to develop people into leaders/disciples. We train everyone to be a World Changer.

° Worship: We are expressive and passionate in our praise and worship - it all focuses on God.

° Effective Prayer: Prayer isn’t merely a time you plan, it is a life you live – an ongoing conversation with God.

° Stewardship: We value stewardship of time, people and resources. Our desire is to provide an opportunity for resources to be used effectively.

° Generosity: We recognize the principle of sowing and reaping in every area of life.

° Reconciliation: God has reconciled us, and we see the power of extending grace to others. We aim to be at peace with everyone.

° Restoration: We believe that people and the call that God has placed on their lives are not disposable. We want to see people restored back to God and serving Him.

° Your Story: God’s work in your life is powerful. Share God’s goodness every opportunity you have. We love to see transformational growth.


° God is all-knowing and all powerful

° Jesus is God who came to redeem men and reveal the Father's plan

° The Holy Spirit is God living in us and filling us daily

° The Bible is God's inspired and inerrant guidebook for our lives

° We believe in Divine Creation. Nothing "just happened" - God planned it all out

° Sin is that which separates us from God

° Believing in Jesus' grace is the only way to have a relationship with God and be saved

° We can grow in Christ-likeness every day

° Healing, through the power of Jesus' shed blood, is not just for the body, but for the mind and emotions

° In deliverance every stronghold can be broken and we can be free through the power of God

° The Church is the world's light to find Christ

° God has allowed evil to provide a choice

° God can bring good out of evil events

° Prayer is the connection from earth to Heaven

° Jesus is coming again to judge the world and gather His Bride - the Church

° Death is not the end but the beginning. Heaven and Hell are real places

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